Scott Post holds the prestigious Certificate in Community Real Estate Development (CRED) at the University of South Florida and is conducted by the Florida Institute of Government. The classes offers practical training for community developers and others in the industry, providing the tools needed to carry out successful affordable housing and community based real estate development projects
The training program focuses on providing practitioners with community real estate development knowledge in using public and private resources, and skill sets in real estate development, finance and project management.
The three-module program, held annually in Tampa, is designed to give participants the tools to carry out successful, affordable housing and community development initiatives. It supports the work of non-profit community-based and public agencies involved in or responsible for the delivery of community and economic development related services.
The three module program includes:
1. Learning the Basics of Real Estate Analysis
2. Understanding the Requirements of Available Financing and Subsidy Resources for Affordable Housing
3. Developing Skills to Manage the Community Real Estate Development Process